You can ‘hack’ any webpage with this new browser extension!

Virej Dasani
2 min readMar 9, 2021


Last week, I made a browser extension called ‘Hack This Page’ with which you can ‘hack’ or edit any webpage on the internet!

(Download links are at the bottom)

Let me show you what I’m talking about:

I ‘hacked’ my YouTube channel page
I ‘hacked’ my YouTube channel page (Zoomed)

YES, with the extension, I did give myself more subscribers than PewDiePie, and no, I did not use the developer tools (Inspect Element, etc.)

How did I do it?

Once I added the ‘Hack This Page’ extension, all I did was click the HACK button and edit the subscriber count and video views like I would edit a text document. It’s really that easy.

But why use the extension?

‘Hack This Page’ makes it very easy to prank your friends because you can edit the entirety of a website in a few seconds to whatever you fancy.

You can do everything from change your YouTube subscriber count, to make Wikipedia say that you co-founded Tesla:

Tesla ‘Hacked’
Tesla ‘Hacked’ (Zoomed)

Hack This Page - how it works:


Hack This Page is available to download on Chrome and Firefox

Please leave a review on the extension on the webstore and feel free to comment or ask me any questions you may have.

Note: All the changes made to websites are temporary, this means, they will disappear once you reload the page and will not show up on any other devices. All changes are completely local.

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